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"Popping" Your Own Neck

Think about it...What is really happening to my neck when I crack it myself?

I've heard it a lot. People say "I can adjust my own neck" or "I can pop/crack my own neck or back"

Did you know that you can do that every 10-15 minutes? The sound that is heard is called a cavitation. It is essentially a gas bubble popping under negative pressure in a closed joint space. When "popping" a joint you are really only creating a noise and risking muscle strain and evening aggravating your spinal nerves.

There are 3 different scenarios with a joint: 1. hypermobile 2. normal and 3. restricted. When you crack your own neck the initial pops you hear will come from your normal joints being over stretched and the latter pops will come from the hypermobile joints being stretched. Leaving the restricted joints still there. Oh No!

This is where a chiropractic adjustment comes into play. A chiropractic adjustment uses a special technique to apply a specific and directional force to remove a point of restriction within the spine. Each adjustment is targeted at a specific misalignment (subluxation) of the vertebrae.

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