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Do You Crack Your Own Neck?

Think about it...What does cracking your own neck actually do?

"I can crack my own neck". This is something I hear quite often. What people don't realize is that it could potentially cause problems down the road for joints that aren't restricted. If you feel stiffness or pain in your neck, you should get checked out by a professional... Dr. Lardi.

What a Doctor of Chiropractic does different is find the restricted joint and deliver a specific adjustment to that specific segment. When someone tries to do it themselves they are stretching the ligaments of the joints above or below the actual restricted joint. The "popping" noise that you hear on an adjustment is simply a gas bubble escaping the joint space. You can pop your joints every 20 minutes because that is how long it takes for gas to build back up in the joint capsule. So, in reality your aren't doing very much besides causing noise and causing potential harm to the joints around the restricted joint that do not need releasing.

A restriction in the neck can be caused by a few things, such as, poor posture, an old injury, or a recent injury. So, if you are feeling stiffness or pain in the neck or back, come see us. We will address and correct the restricted segment. When someone self adjusts themselves the relief lasts maybe a few minutes and they find themselves doing it all of the time. This habit is putting even more unnecessary strain on the ligaments on either side of the restricted joint, which can lead to another injured joint. Get it? Get the right joint adjusted and get longer periods of relief.

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