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Feeling Stuffed Up?

Think about it...Allergies been getting to you lately?

I have had a lot of patients coming in with the sniffles and their sinuses acting up. Well, lucky me just joined that group as well over this past weekend. So, I thought I would give some tips and tricks for dealing with your seasonal allergies.

The body has come in contact with an allergen (i.e. pollen and mold) and is trying to get rid of it. The symptoms you feel such as stuffy sinuses, runny nose, and increased mucus production are all effects of the body eliciting an immune response to that allergen. The body releases histamine which causes all of the symptoms you feel due to increasing the blood flow to the area bringing immune cells to fight off the allergen. You get swelling, inflammation and pain at the site of contact (which is the typically the sinus cavities) from breathing in the allergen.


1. Alcohol, beer specifically

2. Caffeine, can do tea

3. Dairy

4. Chocolate (if possible)

5. Peanuts, tend to be damp and hold mold

6. Sugar, causes more inflammation


1. Raw local honey, local honey exposes the body to local pollen.

2. Hot/Spicy foods, capsaicin is the hotness you feel, helps drain

3. Bone broth, helps immune system

4. Fermented foods, get probiotics which is good bacteria for immune system

5. Fish, omega 3's are anti-inflammatory

You can use supplements as well:

1. Spirulina

2. Quercetin

3. Butterbur, been shown to help with sinus headaches

4. Probiotics

5. Vit A and Zinc, help immune system


1. Drink lots of water, dilutes mucus

2. Limit exposure best as possible

3. Wash pets, they bring it into the house

4. Shower before bed

5. Keep windows closed during high pollen count

Hope this helps you breathe a little easier.

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