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Think about it...Do you eat meals where you simultaneously consume sugars (carbs) with a protein?

The picture above is the perfect example of mixing protein and sugar in the same meal. I'll be the first to say that bbq is one of my favorite foods; however, my body would beg to differ. The body doesn't like when you mix these two together in the same meal. There is a process called "glycation" that occurs where the two actually bind together. Now, it's not just bbq'd foods. It can be breaded meat, a burger with the bun, even a sandwich with whole grain bread. These compounds are called "Advanced Glycation End Products" or AGE's. It is a sticky compound that can clog up small blood vessels in the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes. Consuming these in you daily diet can create many issues with these organs in the long term.

When you just eat protein alone you will still trigger a slight insulin release. Excess protein can be turned into fat in your body. When you combine the two together it creates an exaggerated insulin response. Insulin is a fat storing hormone, so obviously you want to avoid triggering insulin as much as you can, especially an increased insulin trigger.

Giving up sugar is the only way around it. I know it's hard at first but it gets easier with time. There are sugar substitutes that aren't bad for you and are actually 0 glycemic. These are great for taking care of your sweet tooth. I'll do a future post about these alternatives, so stay tuned!

I hope this information finds you well and helps you to make better decisions about your diet. If you have further questions about your nutrition give Dr. Lardi a call at 708-873-0069.

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