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What Your Poor Posture Is Doing To You

Think about it...How's your posture?

Before reading this sit/stand up straight!!!

Your posture affects your everyday life and you may not even realize it. Not only can it cause physical problems but it can also have a negative effect on your mentality. Slouching and poor posture increases stress levels and can even create depressed feelings. It ruins your everyday vibe by affecting the mood you're in.

I tend to see that more people who work desk jobs are in worse shape than those who work physically demanding jobs every day. What people do not realize is that sitting all day at a desk is a Repetitive Stress put on the body. When you’re sitting or standing with a forwarded head and rounded shoulders it puts increased stresses on the spinal discs and soft tissues. This causes degeneration to speed up which leads to experiencing problems earlier in life.

Poor posture also leads to poor breathing by decreasing the lungs capacity to take in air. When you don't get enough oxygen, it can raise your anxiety. Having better posture will help when exercising, as well, by allowing you to breathe in more oxygen.

Your digestion can also be effected by slouching, especially while sitting. If you sit for long periods of time this constricts your intestines leading to abdominal distress. This can create ongoing abdominal discomfort and irregular bathroom schedules.

Pain is the most common issue that results from poor posture. If you let your posture suffer, eventually you will suffer too. Whether it be neck pain, low back pain or headaches it will catch up to you.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, come see us and we'll get you "straightened out". Chiropractic care is great for correcting postural deviations, reducing pain, and other symptoms related to poor posture.

So, sit up straight with your shoulders back and chin tucked. BE AWARE of how your posture is throughout the day. Just being conscious of your posture will help you in the long run to avoid some deeper issues that come along with poor posture.

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