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Keto has to be done correctly - learn the dos and don'ts 

"Find Health, Lose Weight"

- 12 Weeks 1 on 1 with Dr. Lardi


- Keto Booklet (all you need to know)

     - Foods, Tips and tricks, Rationale, Desserts

- Initial Consultation and Instruction

     - First visit you get your first weight and measurements

     - Go through booklet, you will learn everything you need to get through your first week

- 1st month 4 visits, 2nd month 2 visits, 3rd month 1 visit (final weigh in)

- Access to the Complete Keto Facebook Group

     - Contains recipes and other helpful info for the Complete Keto community!

- Discounts on other services

- You're getting direction/guidance!



- Meet with the Doctor every time

Only $699!

Over A $1200.00 Value...

Schedule Your Consult Now!

Complete Keto Program

12 weeks of 1 on 1 training with Dr. Joel Lardi!

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